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(This journal has social justice themes and talks about fatphobia as well as ableism. If you don't like it then you'll have to leave because I'm going to be talking about my personal experiences and how they fit in the bigger picture of anti-fat discrimination. I'm not going to avoid 'stepping on toes' any more. I've had enough. Fatphobia is systemic. Fatphobia is making us suffer. Fatphobia can end in death like any hostile systemic discrimination. If you have genuine questions, I will try to educate, all I ask is to try to be understanding and open-minded.)

I haven't written about this much before but I have a pretty extensive disability, it wasn't always like this and in the last 2ish years I've been confined to my own home because of it, I'm also fat and always have been. My condition is most likely Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome, although there's a hand full of very rare heart or nerve based conditions I could have but most of these conditions can be treated a little with beta-blockers. If we can prove I have POTS I have more options of treatment. All you need to be diagnosed with POTS is a tilt table test. You get on a mechanical table and it tilts you to see what happens. Easy peasy right, do the test, get the diagnosis or rule it out and move on. LOLNO.

I got an arsehole registrar (training doctor) and I don't know WTF his problem was but he had decided it was all because I was fat, you see. No underlying problem just a fat fatty being too fat at him. He said he wouldn't give me the beta-blockers because my body was just responding to my awful fatness by speeding up my heart and this was normal for horribly fat people and I should allow my heart to pump that quickly. It was bad but I had to stop being fat, that was all. I asked why the fuck I knew no other fat people like me. Like completely disabled and he told me it was individual. WHAT. Am I the FATTEST person in existence? The ONLY actual fat person? WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? It was clearly bullshit. I had lost more than a quarter of my weight in four months from hormonal fuckery and it had done NOTHING (thank god that happened or no one would listen). If he was right the change should have been MIRACULOUS. Also I can't use the tilt table at all, in order to prove I have some other condition, because I'm 'too heavy'.

Anyway I got into an argument with this arsehole like I always do and long story short I can't realistically lose weight (wanna know more, see my SJ blog1). So, of course the arsehole suggests fucking bariatric surgery. Literally pay someone $20,000 to slice up a healthy organ, known and likely side-effects include, shitting yourself randomly and vomiting after eating a tiny amount of food2 and ya know, DEATH3. I said hell no my quality life is shit enough and that piece of shit was like "your quality of life is zero so what does it matter?" WHAT. THE. FUCK. Remember he doesn't think I'm really sick, he thinks I'm just fat so and he thinks being fat is so bad that being even sicker is totally fine. Finishes it up by telling me 25 year olds shouldn't be in wheelchairs. Classy. Nice mix of fatphobia and ableism with a hint of age discrimination at the end.

So that appointment was over pretty quickly and I got literally nothing out of it. Not even the pressure stockings he promised. I was pretty fucking angry at this point and decided that this wasn't good enough. Figuring a complaint on my own wouldn't cut it, I turned to the government and they were concerned. They send me a paid advocate. The advocate himself was not important, the fact that they had eyes on them was. I wasn't very optimistic for a while because I spoke to the manager over the phone and she said the arsehole claimed not to have said that my quality of life was zero and she implied I was somehow mistaken (read: talking bullshit). So it looked pretty bad.

But as you guessed from the title it turned out fine. They were pretty apologetic and the tone had changed from when I last spoke to them. They briefly mentioned some kind of internal investigation, so I think the pressure was on to play nice and get a good result. They completely changed the story and said it was clear something else was up. No shit, doctor. They're not 100% clear on what I have (most likely POTS) but its something wrong with a nerve or a part of the heart itself and all three/four possible conditions are treated by beta-blockers, since when your heart goes as fast as mine it can't even pump properly any more. So that other arsehole denying me it because my body was 'just compensating' for my fat ass and was wrong as fuck, with this many bpm it just can't function right so letting it 'compensate' was making things worse. Did he just want me to suffer for my 'poor choices'? WTF? If he didn't know WTF was he doing there? I get it. He was in training but I got fucked over with this weak excuse. I could have been on beta-blockers this whole time! This was clearly negligent.

I finally have some beta-blocker though! I have treatments now and on the way! Also I'm going to get my tilt table test! The table wasn't even too weak like they implied... It was because they were afraid they might have to lift me if I pass out. Seriously, they hire people just for manual labour but you wouldn't think so from the way that first doctor acted. You literally just need two big guys but I guess he thought the resources shouldn't be wasted on me. As soon as my step-father heard that he was like 'I'll help'. I suggested they do the same with other patients in future, let them bring in volunteers if they must. They kissed my ass. Only problem I have is that said the other doctor will grow out of his attitude (because he was a registrar). Like they don't need to do anything he'll just get it. Yeah, right. Whatever, I got what I wanted, I pushed that I didn't want this to happen to anyone else, they seemed to understand and that arsehole hopefully got a good scare or a mark against him.

1. weighingupdiscrimination.blogs…
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OK, now it changed. Was it supposed to make it so you can't log in with the new name and then let you log in with your email instead and act like it totally screwed you for an hour? That was not clear. I'm confused.
Deviantart changed my name from dragoliz to dragoliz. I paid $20 for this. Yay.



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